AGM & Conference/Symposium Survey Results

Published: Monday, March 13, 2017 - 4 years, 7 months ago

Late in 2016 we asked for your input with regards to our upcoming Annual General Meeting and Conference/Symposium. What’s the best time of year? How long do you have to spend with us? And what format would you best benefit from? Twenty-two questions later, here are some of the findings that have helped to shape this year’s one-day AGM and symposium. (Numbers refer to the questions in the survey)

2.    Please indicate which of the following categories BEST describes your organization (choose only one).
Most common category: Community Museum, 41.3%

4.    What types of museological professional development/training for museum workers has your organization taken part in within the last 5 years? (check all that apply)
Top 3 answers: ANSM Training (27.7%), In-House Training (17.6%), Council of Nova Scotia Archives Training (16.8%)

5.    What is the highest level of your museological training?
Most common response: Certificate Courses/Workshops offered by a professional association (eg. CMA, ANSM, Council of Nova Scotia Archives), 43.2%

7.    Have you attended ANSM conferences and symposiums in the past?
Yes: 84.4%

8.    If yes, how often?
Most common response: More than 5 Times (ANSM Conferences are great), 38.6%

9.    Do you intend to attend the next ANSM conference / Annual General Meeting?
Most common response: Yes, 50% (If Possible garnered 43.2%)

10.    Choose the 3 topics in which you are most interested in to learn/discuss at the next ANSM conference.
Top 3 responses: Community Engagement (17%), Visitor Studies (8.5%), Interpretation (8.5%), and Education Programming (7.8%), Exhibit Design (7.8%)

11.    Choose the 3 topics in which you are least interested in to learn/discuss at the next ANSM conference.
Top 3 responses: Storage (11.5%), Artefact Handling (10%), and Social Media (9.2%)

13.    I prefer a symposium with a one day format to a two day conference format.
Most common response: Neither Agree of Disagree, 34.1% (Agree, 29.5%)

14.    I like the annual event to take place in a different part of the province each year.
Most common response: Agree, 52.3%

17.    When would be your preferred time of year for attendance (choose one):
Most common response: Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov), 59.1%