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Published: Friday, October 22, 2021 - 1 month, 1 week ago

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is presenting the ninth annual Award for Excellence in Museum Practices this year, an initiative that began in 2013.This past year was the first time that ANSM accepted nominations in two awards categories—Individual Contribution, and Programming by an Organization. The association was pleased to receive nominations for the Programming by an Organization category, and to be able to announce a winner for this new award. This award is for excellence in programming from an organization as demonstrated by a project within the past year, and acknowledges remarkable contributions to a better knowledge of Nova Scotia’s human or natural history.


Over the past year, the dedicated work of the ANSM Board of Directors and Awards Committee members—Chair Katie Tanner and members Lisa Wolfe, Peter Cullen, Debra McNabb, and Joyce Rankin—along with the assistance of former Executive Director Anita Price, has made this year’s award presentation possible.


This year ANSM is pleased to present the Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Programming by an Organization to Memory Lane Heritage Village for their 1940s Packaging Reproduction project.


The following summary is an excerpt from Memory Lane’s nomination: “[Memory Lane Heritage Village, which is part of] The [Lake Charlotte Area Heritage] Society is committed to an authentic portrayal of the Hosking General Store (one of the Heritage Village's 18 buildings) as it was in the 1940s. The Society has the archival records of this store, spanning its 75+ years and has created full inventory of the Store's merchandise in 1946 from the invoices in its archival collection. […] In order to better stock the store shelves the Society, with an HRM project grant and Young Canada Works student assistance, researched and compiled a list of products known to be for sale in the store. Then [they] scoured museum collections online, [their] own collection, Facebook
collector sites, and eBay to locate original labels and boxes that could be scanned and replicated. […They] worked with Inlet Communications to clean the scans and colour correct where needed to produce a more uniform label. Then [they] worked with Fine Line Silkscreening, a local print house, to print the packaging on matte vinyl (for cans) and matte card (for boxes). These were assembled by Society volunteers, who also were engaged to collect cans for reproductions.”


The reproductions resulting from this project will be used to enhance interpretation, to support school programming, and as a part of special programming such as the Society's Thursday night heritage spotlight series. Additionally, this project sets a template for other museums to follow when using their archival materials to create accurate reproductions.


The ANSM Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Programming by an Organization 2021 is
presented to Memory Lane Heritage Village.


This year’s prize was generously donated by Carr McLean.


— Katie Tanner, Board of Director and Award Committee Member —