ANSM Award 2015

ANSM Award Citation

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) continues for a third year the Award for Excellence in Museum Practices. To acknowledge individuals, volunteer or paid, who have made remarkable contributions to a better knowledge of Nova Scotia’s human or natural history.

In the past years we presented the ANSM Award to Ms. Heather Watts at Government House in the presence of his Honour J.J. Grant Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia in 2013 and Mr. Ken Adams in 2014, which was presented by the Hon. Tony Ince Minister of Communities Culture and Heritage in Sydney. Both these recipients were will deserving and are a sampling of the dedication and passion in Nova Scotia’s museum community.   

We encourage you to start thinking now about nominations for next year, as the Awards Program is an important way to honour and recognize those who have dedicated their life's passion to telling un-told stories and sharing the past. Most of the work that is done in the museum community, is done with little or no recognition, and sometimes the hours are long and lonely. But the determination and passion of sharing a rich culture and history keeps us continually moving forward. The ANSM Awards program pays tribute to us all, who work endlessly for a cause. 

ANSM consists of more than 100 member organizations and individuals. Using a regional representation model, the Association champions’ museums through education, outreach, networking and advocacy to achieve excellence. 

Over the past year, the dedicated work of the ANSM board and Awards committee members, Russell Grosse, Maria O’Hearn, Pauline MacLean, Nadine Gates, Barb Thompson, Ken Adams and our Managing Director Anita Price. Have made this year's award presentation possible. 

At this time I would like to present this year’s Award. 

This year ANSM is pleased to present the Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Individual Contribution to Ms. Lynn Hayne, head of Communications at Sherbrooke Village. 

Lynn has been involved with Sherbrooke Village for over 20 years and has excelled in developing creative collaborative marketing and communication. She has set new benchmarks for excellence in community relations which has made it possible for Sherbrooke Village to embark upon a series of new ideas and concepts which have included co-developing a new Archives, launching a “Time Traveler’s Reunion,” organizing the dedication reception ceremony for the Milton Christian Church community’s 1917 Pipe Organ Installation at Sherbrooke Village and managing the corporate sponsorships which help finance “Old Fashioned Christmas,” the “Courthouse Concert Series” and the sold-out “Road to Stanfest: Songwriter’s Camp.”

Lynn has shown her leadership and management skills in the organizing and planning of many special events, the leveraging of travel media, or her commitment to growing the economies of rural communities and the museum network in general through innovative new marketing ideas. She has a passion and ability to establish new levels of increased awareness among new audiences has made her a leader in the cause of museum and community development.

This year, Lynn demonstrated how the traditional perception of museums can be changed from restrictive and narrow to innovative and engaging. Lynn serves as Liaison with the Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society, a volunteer community board she has reorganized, restructured and revitalized. 

Her work has helped Sherbrooke Village reached new levels of success this year due to her efforts:

Road to Stanfest Songwriters Camp

Sherbrooke Village Murder Mystery

Time Traveller’s Reunion-A Steampunk Social

Motorcycle Rally that Gives

To name a few.

This evening we celebrate Lynn’s contributions and ask her to come forward to be presented with the ANSM Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Individual Contribution 2015.