ANSM Policy Manual

The ANSM Policy Manual is a detailed guide for all operations within the Association. In an effort to be transparent, as well as to provide an example of of such a document would look like, we have shared each section online.

1.0.0 IntroductionDownload  

1.1.1 Mission and VisionDownload  

1.1.3 Management and Operating PrinciplesDownload  

1.1.4 Current Business PlanDownload  

1.1.5 Organisational ChartDownload  

1.1.6 CMA Ethics GuidelinesDownload  

1.1.7 ANSM LogoDownload  

1.2.1 History of FNSHDownload  

1.2.2 Strategic Planning FrameworkDownload  

1.2.3 Definition of a MuseumDownload  

1.2.4 Membership in other OrganisationsDownload  

2.0.0 Regulatory FrameworkDownload  

2.1.0 Memo of AssociationDownload Certificate of IncorporationDownload Certificate of Name ChangeDownload  

2.1.3 Association BylawsDownload  

2.1.4 Registered AgentDownload  

2.2.1 Report Retention PolicyDownload  

2.2.2 AGM Minutes 2009Download  

2.2.2 AGM Minutes 2010Download  

2.2.3 FNSH Financial Statement 2007-08Download  

2.2.4 Current Board of DirectorsDownload  

2.4.0 Operational FundingDownload  

2.5.0 Other Statutory ObligationsDownload  

3.0 Board GovernanceDownload CMA Ethics GuidelinesDownload Nominations Committee Terms of ReferenceDownload  

4.2 Human Resource Policy - February 2011Download  

4.1.1 Executive ManagementDownload