ANSM Response to Positive News in N.S Provincial Budget 2023-24

On Thursday, March 23, the Nova Scotia Government delivered Budget 2023-24. We at the Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) were eagerly watching in the hope of increased funding for museums. We are very pleased to report that the government has shown a commitment to supporting museums in our province, with an increase of 5.1 million dollars to Arts and Culture, which includes an additional $650,000 to the Community Museum Assistance Program (CMAP), and 2.1 million dollars to locally managed Nova Scotia Museum sites. This funding increase comes with no reductions to any project funding.

ANSM will continue to work with the Nova Scotia Government to advocate for resilient and sustainable museums that represent and serve all Nova Scotians. We are grateful for the support of our members (including the members of the ANSM Advocacy Working Group), Nova Scotians, and the Nova Scotia Government for today’s positive budget. We encourage all museums and their boards to use this opportunity to also send their thanks to their local MLAs and invite them to visit museums this summer to show the impact of this increased funding.  Today’s announcement is a positive step forward for the museum sector in Nova Scotia.

Thank you and we look forward to a great 2023 for museums in Nova Scotia.

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