Cake Policy

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is well known for its detailed consideration towards the acquisition, consumption, and enjoyment of cake. The ANSM Cake Policy can be found here, in full, for other organisations to peruse and hopefully duplicate.

  1. Why Cake?
    The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) views cake as a powerful psychological and physiological stimulant. Following the steps outlined in this document, ANSM will use cake to celebrate the good times and assuage the bad. ANSM staff, along with all visiting friends, guests, and colleagues, shall do their utmost to uphold the procedures laid out in this document.
  2. Why Buy Cake?
    Although the reasons for buying cake are pretty much endless, accepted rationale for cake purchases can include but are certainly not limited to:

    1. Personal milestones such as birthdays, marriage/anniversary, child related goodness, increased social and/or fiscal responsibility (i.e. new house or apartment).
    2. Organizational milestones such as staff anniversaries, new hires, staff leaving, significant staff achievement (i.e. award, interview), significant organizational achievement (i.e. approved grant, award)
    3. The Bad Stuff (personal nastiness, organizational ugliness)
    4. Because it is a day ending in “Y” and a boost is required
    5. Really though, it’s delicious. Buy a cake.
  3. Who can Buy Cake?
    1. Personal & Organizational Milestones – Anyone, although etiquette would dictate that cake should be purchased on behalf of whoever is personally celebrating the event by a designated purchaser as agreed to by staff.
    2. The Bad Stuff – Anyone, although etiquette would dictate that cake should be purchased on behalf of whoever is personally affected by the event.
    3. The pattern here is that anyone and everyone should be encouraged to participate in the selection and purchase of cake. It’s delicious. Buy a cake.
  4. Purchase of Cake
    1. Off Cake – Off Cake will be considered worthy of purchase and, in most circumstances, given priority. Trust is given to the cake provider that their ware is safe for human consumption. Best before dates will be monitored and will be considered during purchase decisions.
    2. Coupons – Staff are encouraged to collect and contribute coupons for the purchase of cake. Coupons will not be used for official ANSM occasions such as committee and board meetings. Coupons will be kept on the Museum Advisor’s bulletin board for use by designated purchaser. Attempts will be made to use coupons before their expiry date.
    3. The Vegan Protocol – As an organization that recognizes dietary restrictions, ANSM will do its utmost to accommodate the food choices of staff and visitors who cannot partake in the eating of cake. For example, every effort will be made to ensure chocolate almonds or vegan baked goods are made available.
    4. Let’s not get too picky here. Cake is delicious. Buy a cake.
  5. Cake Scoring
    Upon the conclusion of a cake eating event, the goodness of each cake must be determined by participating eaters. As such, a voting scale ranging from “Boston Cream – 10” will be used to determine cake goodness. Scoring is entirely subjective and based on personal taste.

    1. Votes will be cast by all cake eaters to determine quality. Votes will be held openly- this is a safe place, and varied opinions are welcomed. Attempted persuasion is encouraged.
      • Cakes receiving an average score below 3 are deemed “Duds”, and will not be purchased again in the future.
      • Cakes receiving an average score of 4 – 6 will be deemed “Meh” and can be purchased in a future cake emergency (i.e. no cakes having scored 7 or higher are available).
      • Cakes that receive an average score of 7 or above will be said to have met ANSM’s high cake expectations and may be acquired again in the future.
    2. Dissension – In the event of organizational dissension, there are two possible outcomes:
      • Remaining cake will be offered to first unbiased person(s) to enter the ANSM office. Their choice will determine final outcome- no pressure!
      • If no unbiased person(s) is/are available on the day of initial cake eating, the cake purchaser’s vote shall be discarded and the resulting “yes/no” decision will carry forward.
  6. Paying the Price for Cake Inadequacy
    In the event that a cake is purchased that subsequently receives a vote of 3 or lower, the purchaser will be officially subject to good natured, yet extensive, peer disapproval and mockery. Purchasing privileges may be temporarily revoked at the discretion of the majority.
  7. Keeping of Cake
    On occasion, after the initial cake eating, there may be a piece or pieces of cake remaining that will not be immediately consumed. If a given cake is not eaten in its entirety during the initial cake eating, the remaining cake will be kept in the CFNS refrigerator/freezer for a period of no more than one month. Cakes must be properly labeled and monitored by ANSM staff. All cake in the refrigerator or freezer must comply with the CFNS Refrigerator Policy.

    • Priority will be to consume frozen or refrigerated cake before purchasing new cake.
  8. Maintaining Records
    All records of cake purchases, resulting goodness outcomes, and frozen cake inventory shall be maintained for input regarding future cake purchases. This information will be kept in the ANSM Cake Book. The Cake Book will maintain the following information on each cake purchased:

    1. Cake Name and Type
    2. Overall Rating
    3. Condition
    4. Occasion
    5. Place of Purchase
    6. Date
    7. Freezer Date
  9. Secondary Eatings
    After the initial cake eating, remaining cake may be eaten by any ANSM staff member at their discretion. Shared cake eating is still preferable, but individualism shall not be totally discouraged (only somewhat).
  10. Glossary
    • Cake – A baked good used to stimulate or create feelings of happiness in ANSM staff, volunteers, or visitors during times of need or want.


The eating of cake is not intended to offend anyone’s sensibilities. However, if this does occur the offended parties should be made aware that their stance shall not impact the eating of cake. They are encouraged to removed themselves from the situation and feel shame.

This policy shall be reviewed every two years by ANSM staff to ensure it remains current and relevant.

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