CMA and ANSM Encourage you to Invite your MP or MLA!

Published: Friday, June 16, 2017 - 4 years, 4 months ago

Invite your MP and MLA this summer!

Dear Friends,

The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and the Association of Nova Scotia Museums encourage you to invite your Member of Parliament and Member of the Legislative Assembly to visit your museum this summer.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertook last year a study on “the state of Canadian museums” and will likely resume its work on this study in the fall. Having the members of the Standing Committee, or even the Minister of Canadian Heritage, hear from their colleagues about the “state of museums” – and your important work – could have a positive impact on recommendations regarding museums.

You may want to begin by sending an invitation letter to your MP (you can find the address by entering your postal code at and then look up the constituency office). You can follow-up with a call to the constituency office.

MPs will be in their ridings from June 26 to September 15 while the House of Commons is in recess.
What to say?

If your MP does visit, in addition to talking about your museum, you can speak about:
- The need to review the heritage programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage. The heritage programs should be reviewed and modernized, allowing for an appropriate investment of new funds. You can point out difficulties you may be having in receiving federal funding.
- If you are employing summer students through the Young Canada Works program, you may want to ensure that the MP meets them.
If he/she seems willing to help:
- Suggest that he/she speak with colleagues who are members of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage about the visit and the need to modernize programs for museums*.
- Suggest that he/she speak with or write to the Minister of Canadian Heritage about the importance of funding for museums.

Take photos!
- Send one to the MP.
- You can tweet it (and please include @musecdn for a CMA retweet) or send it to the contact below and the CMA will tweet it.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Winter, Administrative Assistant at ANSM, or, Michel Gérin, Director of Programs and Public Affairs, Canadian Museums Association, or 613-567-0099, ext. 225.

We thank you for your collaboration and wish you a great summer and a pleasant MP visit!

John McAvity 
Executive Director and CEO
Canadian Museums Association

Anita Price
Executive Director
Association of Nova Scotia Museums

*The members of the Standing Committee are:
Liberals: Hon. Hedy Fry (Chair), Pierre Breton, Julie Dabrusin, Seamus O’Regan, Darrell Samson, Dan Vandal. Conservatives: Larry Maguire (Vice-chair), Hon. Peter Van Loan. NDP: Pierre Nantel (vice-chair)