*On behalf of Christopher Shore, Executive Director of Culture and Heritage Development of the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage*

Dear Community Museums,

Thank you for participating in the information session about the Community Museum Assistance Program on June 6, 2023.

I thought I would provide you with an overview of the meeting.

This year’s provincial budget announced increases to several of our operating grant programs:

  • $3.065 million increase to operating grant programs in the Culture and Heritage Development Division.
  • $1.4 million increase to Arts Nova Scotia’s operating grants programs.
  • $650,000 increase to the Community Museum Assistance Program.
  • $2.64 million increase in funding to Nova Scotia Museum locally-managed sites and the Bluenose II.

Community Museum Assistance Program

The program will receive an increase of $650,000. This is a permanent increase to the budget. Staff have developed the following goals for the allocation of the funds:

  • Allocate additional funds immediately.
  • Allow for the intake of new clients.
  • Create a level playing field for all applicants.

The process for allocating this new funding for existing CMAP clients will:

  • Provide usual CMAP support to existing clients through usual application process.
  • Provide a one-time supplement for existing clients based on organization size – calculated with median budget actual expenses from 2019-2022.
  • Create an intake for new organizations to apply for one-time support.
  • Prepare for a full program intake next year, with full application-based evaluation.

CMAP Funding Allocation Process

  • Allocate usual CMAP grant — we already have your applications.
  • Allocate a one-time top-up – no application needed. Amount is based on organization size calculated using median actual expenses from last four years.
  • Accept applications for new museums to enter the program – priority to museums with a focus on African Nova Scotian and Mi’kmaq communities,.

Regular CMAP funding will flow in June and the one-time top-up will go out soon after. Decisions for the new intake should be communicated in late August/early September and funding will be released as soon as possible after that. Next year there will be a full intake and regular assessment. Next year permanent increases will be determined.


CMAP will be moving to the Archives Museums and Libraries (AML) Division of CCTH. Transition will take place this summer and fall.

Given AML’s subject matter closely aligns with CMAP clients, we felt that it made sense to consolidate the teams and bring these programs into the AML Division. All museums under CMAP will receive additional funding this year, in addition to the locally-managed sites in the Nova Scotia Museum, and this move should streamline communication to museum sites and increase opportunities for collaboration and education within the sector.

Lastly, this additional funding should be used to support your core operations, fixed costs, staffing and salaries. There is no expectation to increase your programming.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to reach out to me or Jessica at


Christopher Shore

Executive Director

Culture and Heritage Development

Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage