Congratulations to Sheryl Stanton

Published: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 4 years ago

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) continues for a fifth year, the Award for Excellence in Museum Practices. Since 2013 we have laid a path to acknowledge and celebrate individuals, volunteer or paid, who have made remarkable contributions to a better knowledge of Nova Scotia’s human or natural history.

In the past years, we presented the ANSM Award to Heather Watts (2013), Ken Adams (2014), Lynn Hayne (2015) and Meggie MacIntyre (2016). 

Most of the work that is done in the museum community is done with little or no recognition. The determination and passion of sharing a rich culture and history keeps us continually moving forward. The ANSM Awards program pays tribute to us all, who work endlessly for a cause. 

ANSM consists of more than 100 member organizations and individuals. Using a regional representation model, the Association champions’ museums through education, outreach, networking and advocacy to achieve excellence. 

Over the past year, the dedicated work of the ANSM board and Awards committee members,  Co Chair Del Musie, Lynn Hayne, Ken Adams and our Executive Director Anita Price, have made this year's award presentation possible. 

This year ANSM is pleased to present the Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Individual Contribution to Sheryl Stanton, former Curator / Administrator of the Admiral Digby Museum with over 19.5 years service.

Sheryl demonstrated exemplary museum practices through innovative exhibits and creative management, Some of the highlights of her work and her creative passion was demonstrated in the Maud Lewis display, projects such as Slavery in Annapolis and Digby Counties “The Untold Story”, and Charting our Waters “A local history of Nautical Charting in and Around the Annapolis Basin. 

Sheryl has made an incredible impact on the Nova Scotia museum sector and today we celebrate her contributions and ask her to come forward to be presented with the ANSM Award of Excellence in Museum Practices, Individual Contribution 2017.