A Heartfelt Goodbye to My ANSM Family

As I reflect on my time at the Association of Nova Scotia Museums, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. My internship journey here has been nothing short of spectacular. From the very first day, I was entrusted with a project that I watched grow from an idea to a tangible achievement. Participating in its development and handling various aspects has given me profound insights into the workings of Canada’s museum institutions.

The array of tasks I engaged in, from enhancing our website to amending educational resources and conducting research, were all incredibly enriching. Each task not only allowed me to learn but also to appreciate the meticulous effort that goes into managing museum operations.

I am especially thankful to all my colleagues at ANSM. Though our interactions were confined to Google meetings, the warmth and camaraderie we shared were palpable. Your helpfulness, kindness, and invaluable advice have left a lasting impression on me and have prepared me to step forward into the museum industry with confidence and excitement.

Ella Poon ANSM intern

It’s difficult to express the mixed emotions I feel as I say goodbye. I am excited for what the future holds but sad to leave such a supportive and inspiring environment. Thank you, ANSM, and to everyone who made this experience so memorable. I look forward to carrying forward everything I have learned here into my future endeavors in the museum field.

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,