The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is led by its Board of Directors. This governance body is comprised of members elected by the ANSM membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is accountable to the membership and is collectively responsible for the governance of the Association. It is responsible for shaping organisational policy and ensuring its implementation.

Board of Directors

See who’s currently serving on the ANSM Board of Directors.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are released each year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. Past ANSM Annual Reports can be viewed here.

Annual General Meeting

Find documents related to ANSM’s Annual General Meetings.

ANSM Governance Documents

Find important documents including bylaws, amendments, and other files associated with ANSM governance.

Strategic Plan

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) is a registered non-profit organisation. Originally established in 1976 as the Federation of Museums, Heritage and Historical Societies, the name was changed to Federation of Nova Scotia Heritage in 1982. In 2007, to underscore the organisation’s refined focus on the province’s museum sector, the organisation assumed its current name – the Association of Nova Scotia Museums.

Cake Policy

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is well known for its detailed consideration towards the acquisition, consumption, and enjoyment of cake. The ANSM Cake Policy can be found here, in full, for other organisations to peruse and hopefully duplicate.

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