ANSM is committed to providing relevant and cost-effective training opportunities for Nova Scotia’s museums and emerging professionals. Click the links below to learn more about our Museum Studies Program, workshops, conferences, reference library and downloadable resources, and internship opportunities.

Museum Studies Program

The ANSM Museum Studies Program is a series of eight courses covering core skill sets required for the confident, effective and accountable operation of a museum in Nova Scotia. The courses that are a part of this program are great training for new board members, museum workers, and those wishing for a refresher.

Webinars & Workshops

An important aspect of the Association’s support for its membership is the provision of relevant and cost-effective training for museum workers in Nova Scotia.

Symposiums & Conferences

ANSM hosts symposiums and conferences as part of its commitment to provide cost-effective, relevant training for members of our museum community. These events take place throughout Nova Scotia and provide opportunities to learn about topics that address the needs of museum staff and volunteers. They also provide an opportunity to network with other museum professionals from across the provinces.

Registration Information

If you’re looking to register for one of our workshops or Museum Studies Program courses, or would like to become a member online, we’ve made it easy!


The following free resources and templates are free for use and customisation.

Reference Library

ANSM’s reference library provides resources for museums with information on museum theory, community, general reference, interpretation, collections, marketing and retail, management, governance and facilities.


ANSM regularly partners with Museum Studies and related programs to provide practical experience to students. The goal of ANSM’s internship program is to host mutually beneficial internship opportunities that provide diverse and practical learning experiences and networking opportunities for emerging museum professionals.