Maud Lewis

Published: Friday, February 1, 2019 - 2 years, 8 months ago

Maud Lewis is the Province of Nova Scotia’s 2019 Heritage Day Honouree!

“Maud Lewis, a Nova Scotia folk artist, was born Maud Kathleen Dowley to John and Agnes Dowley, in the town of Yarmouth, March 7, 1903. Maud lived with her husband Everett Lewis in a small house in Marshalltown Nova Scotia. Despite living with arthritis, and in poverty most of her life, her folk art paintings garnered much attraction and interest. Maud achieved national recognition in the mid 60’s, becoming known as one of Canada’s best-known folk artists. Her art and restored house are on display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Maud deceased in July 1970, but her reputation as an inspiring folk artist continues to grow. Through newspaper, magazine articles, television documentaries, and more recently, a biographical drama film named “Maudie”, Maud Lewis has become well known internationally.” (Province of Nova Scotia)

Celebrate/Participate in Heritage Day 2019!

ANSM has curated a Maud Lewis-themed gallery on NovaMuse! We’ve chosen items from museums all across the province. They include everything from Maud Lewis’ paint palettes, to iconic photographs of oxen at work, and from colourful folk art to antique sleds.

Be sure to visit the Maud Lewis Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia where you’ll see Maud and Everett’s fully restored painted house on display, as well as numerous examples of her work.

DesBrisay Museum is celebrating Heritage Day with their partners Helping Nature Heal on Saturday, February 16 with their 13th Annual Seedy Saturday

Nova Scotia landscapes will be celebrated on Heritage Day (Feb. 18th) at the Joggins Fossil Centre with Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland and the art of Maud Lewis.

Ross Farm will be open for Heritage Day on February 18th! Take advantage of the holiday to learn some local history and enjoy a day on the farm. 

The Fort Sackville Foundation will have a display, celebrating Bedford’s Heritage, at Marketside Community Booth, Sunnyside Mall on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 from 10 am to 5pm.

Fultz House is participating in Sackville Snow Days, on Saturday February 16th, offering free soup, biscuit, and cookie lunch as well as museum tours.

MacDonald Museum is having a new exhibit opening on Monday February 18th: The Life of Roy Beals

Cole Harbour Farm Museum will be hosting a Community Drop-In on Monday February 18th from 2-4pm.

At the Museum of Industry celebrate Heritage Day with free admission from 9-5 pm. Kids can grab some brushes and make some art with guest artist Luke Naylor.  Join Luke (anytime between 10-4pm) as he guides you through painting a picture inspired by Maud Lewis. 

Is your organisation an ANSM member? Are you hosting Heritage Day festivities for 2019? Let us know so we can help spread the word! Email Jennifer ( the name, place, and link to your event. This page will be constantly updated until February 15, 2019, so check back often!