Message from ANSM President

April 12, 2023

Dear ANSM Members,

As we transition into the spring and summer seasons for museums across the province, I am writing to inform you of another upcoming transition for the Association of Nova Scotia Museums. ANSM Executive Director Maggie MacIntyre was hired on a two-year secondment agreement, and will be finishing her contract with ANSM in September. As a result, ANSM will be searching for a new executive director beginning this month.

The secondment agreement was an effective solution for filling the role after Anita’s retirement, and ensuring that programs and services could continue for our members. Maggie has done a commendable job of leading the association through a couple of tumultuous years, and both she and Karin, along with other ANSM staff members, have excelled at adapting programs and services in order to continue to secure funding and offer quality membership benefits within the ever-changing landscape of the museum sector. The ANSM board is very pleased to have Karin continuing with the association as the program manager, working to provide members with advisory services, collections management resources, training, and the newly redesigned TRACK program.

Recent advocacy work, the creative reimagining of programs, and the careful building of community partnerships has put ANSM in a strong and forward-looking position heading into the coming years.  I work at a community museum that has been an ANSM member and advisory service member for years, as well as more recently a Museum Evaluation Program participant and now TRACK participant. I continue to be extremely impressed with the quality of member services, and very excited to see what is next.

As a small not-for-profit ANSM does surprisingly big things.  The executive director job description has been rewritten to better reflect ANSM’s continued need to adapt programs and services to reflect the changing realities facing museums.  ANSM will continue support members in good museum practices while finding new ways to sustainability explore possibilities, especially concerning EDIA, climate change, and community-led services. I am confident that changes within ANSM will continue to champion museums to a better place.

The ANSM board and hiring committee are committed to putting an executive director at the helm who can keep the association on its current path of success and steer it toward new opportunities. Members will continue to be the first priority, as ANSM is a member-based organization led by its members, for its members.

And, of course, if you know anyone who would be a great fit for the role, please encourage them to apply. The posting will be published later this month.


Katie Tanner

ANSM President

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