In 2012, in response to the need for greater access to operating capital, seven of the larger sites in the
27-site Nova Scotia provincial museum family began to explore the feasibility of creating of a
collaborative fund development program for the M7 sites and other museums in the province. Le Centre d’aide en affaires et en entrepreneuriat was contracted to research an appropriate fund development model. This research concluded that the most feasible model would be to create a new shared fund to be administered and managed with support from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. A goal of raising $2.5 million over five years was established.

As the professional association representing museums in the province, the Association of Nova Scotia Museums agreed to take the lead on the subsequent work needed to establish this fund (MuseFund).

Upon the completion of years of planning and research, and after raising a total of only
$13,800, ANSM ultimately concluded that it was not feasible to establish a $2.5 million shared
endowment fund for Nova Scotia’s museums at this time. This is not to say that the Association
does not still believe there is tremendous need for increased financial support for Nova Scotia
museums. In fact, this need is as great, if not greater, than it was when ANSM began its
exploration. However, after much consideration, the board of ANSM agreed that the conditions
needed to ensure the success of such an initiative were not in place at that time.

Please read to Wrap Up Report below for more details.