Museum Accreditation

What is Accreditation? Museums will receive the new ‘Accredited Museum’ designation if they meet the necessary program requirements listed below, as well as excel in the TRACK Program. This Assessment program is now managed by ANSM, as of 2022, and replaces the former Museum Evaluation Program (MEP). The Accredited Museum designation will provide museums with proof of meeting good practices of museological standards and practices for visitors, funders, and supporters.

Museum Accreditation

A group of museum representatives from across Nova Scotia worked with ANSM on a steering committee to develop the new TRACK Program that was released in March 2022. The committee created an application and review process, and developed policy and procedural guidelines for the Accreditation process that ensure industry standards are met or exceeded for all sites that receive the designation.

Museums will be able to showcase their designation on-site, as well as on promotional materials, digital platforms, and in grant applications, and will be featured on the ANSM website.

Museums must repeat the process every 4 years in order to maintain their “Accredited Museum” status. Organizations that manage multiple sites will be required to undergo evaluation for each site, as the designation is site-specific.

This initiative is supported by and presented in partnership with Nova Scotia Gaming Support4Culture.


Accreditation is awarded to museums that excel in their assessment. The designation is awarded to sites, rather than to services, collections, individuals, or umbrella groups. Applications will be adjudicated by a peer Accreditation Panel. Museums are eligible to apply for Accreditation in their assessment year during the 4-year evaluation cycle. For full eligibility criteria please refer to the Accreditation Guide below.

Application Process

For specific questions about eligibility requirements or the application process please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you!

Benefits of Accreditation

The TRACK Program is the professional assessment and feedback mechanism for museum operations across Nova Scotia. Accreditation is the public acknowledgement of excellence in our museums. It demonstrates a museum’s commitment to public accountability and professional standards.

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2022 Accredited Museums

ANSM is excited to announce that the following museums are to receive the new designation of “Accredited Museum.”

2020 Accredited Museums

ANSM is excited to announce that the following museums are the first to receive the new designation of “Accredited Museum.”


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Accreditation is supported by Support4Culture.

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