UPDATE: The Museum Studies Program is currently on pause as we conduct a review and update the program. When we have information to share you can find it on this page, in the ANSM Beacon newsletter (subscribe if you haven’t already!), and Facebook.

Museum Studies Program

The ANSM Museum Studies Program is a series of eight courses covering core skill sets required for the confident, effective and accountable operation of a museum in Nova Scotia. The courses that are a part of this program are great training for new board members, museum workers, and those wishing for a refresher.

Program Structure

The courses are offered over a three-year rotation. Participants can take the courses in any order, though Year One is structured to offer core principles of administration and operation for a museum. Year Two modules include information on collections and their display. Year Three offers more in depth information with regards to interpretation and facilities management as well as marketing.

Year One

Museums 101
Museums & Community
Museum Management & Governance

Year Two

Interpretation I: Public Programming
Collections Management & Curatorship
Museums 101

Year Three

Interpretation II: Exhibitions
Facilities Management
Marketing & Revenue Generation

Duration & Certificate

Each course is now being offered virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Each course consists of a mixture of lecture, group discussion, and exercises. A successfully completed homework assignment must also be finished to receive the certificate from each course.

The Museum Studies Program is part of the ANSM training program which offers a combination of advisory service, conferences, and workshops as educational support for museums in Nova Scotia.

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