Nominations for the ANSM Board of Directors

Being a part of the Association of Nova Scotia Museums is a wonderful way to learn more about Museums in Nova Scotia and to be a part of the museum community while making an impactful contribution.

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is led by its Board of Directors. This governance body is composed of members elected by the ANSM membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is accountable to the membership and is collectively responsible for the governance of the Association. It is responsible for shaping organisational policy and ensuring its implementation. Working with the Executive Director, Board members meet with government leaders to address topics related to ANSM’s activities as well as those of its member organisations.

The ANSM board looks for regional representation in its members, as well as equity, diversity, and inclusion, and a mix of perspectives, backgrounds, and skill sets. The ANSM board meets 6-8 times a year for 2 hour meetings conducted virtually through Zoom. These meetings are usually conducted during work hours (weekdays between 9am and 5pm). Board members serve 2-year terms and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms. Board Members are required to submit their application to remain on the Board to the Nominations Committee at the end of each 2 year term. Board members are encouraged to work on various committees of the board and take an active role in furthering the Association’s purpose, mandate and goals.

Deadline for Board Nominations of Monday, May 29, 2023 at 5pm. 

Nominations can be emailed to
Message from ANSM President
Job Posting: Executive Director