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The public face of ANSM’s Advisory Service is Launched in 2012, the website provides access to the contributing museums’ collections as never before, and as a result received another CMA Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2013. The site currently showcases more than 264,000 objects with 128,000 images and new information is added on a daily basis.


NovaMuse is a collection of collections. Museums collect material culture and documentary evidence of our past. These collections are held in the public trust, and museums work to preserve, research, interpret and exhibit the objects in their care. The NovaMuse website enables contributors to showcase their collections online regardless of their geographical location, physical space or hours of operation.


NovaMuse strives to connect collections with the public. New audiences will discover information about Nova Scotia’s history. NovaMuse also enables heritage institutions to connect with each other. It allows them to compare notes on their collections, make more informed decisions about new acquisitions and learn from their colleagues’ documentation practices. They can share collection resources for special exhibits, enhancing in-house displays with objects from neighbouring institutions.


NovaMuse is a place to share knowledge. The goal of NovaMuse is to help tell the story of Nova Scotia through its material culture. People can explore NovaMuse, connecting with and sharing things that have meaning to them. This is a place for people to tell their part of the collective story of life in Nova Scotia.

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