Part of ANSM’s mandate is “to encourage the development of professional best practices in Nova Scotia’s museums”. In complement to its commitment to professional best practices, ANSM delivers the Museum Evaluation Program. It addresses seven areas of museum operations – Governance, Management, Facility, Collection & Access to Information, Interpretation, Community, and Marketing & Revenue Generation.

Advisory Service

ANSM’s Advisory Service provides an annual site visit, remote support, and one-on-one training to participating museums. The service provides access and usage of the Collective Access database system, NovaMuse collections website, and related special projects.


NovaMuse is a website where over 50 community museums from Nova Scotia share their collections online. It provides an outlet for museums to share their knowledge with the public and with each other without the restrictions of their geographical location, physical space or hours of operation.


ANSM TRACK Program – Training, Resources, Assessment, Coaching and Knowledge-Sharing
Replacement for the Museum Evaluation Program (MEP)
Release Date: March 10, 2022

Museum Accreditation

What is Accreditation? Museums will receive the new ‘Accredited Museum’ designation if they meet the necessary program requirements listed below, as well as excel in the Museum Evaluation Program (MEP). This Evaluation program is now managed by ANSM, as of 2016, and replaced the former Community Museum Assistance Program (CMAP) evaluation process. The new Accredited Museum designation will provide museums with proof of meeting good standards of museological standards and practices for visitors, funders, and supporters.


Each year, ANSM presents 2 awards for Excellence in Museum Practices. One to an individual and one to an organization who have gone above and beyond in making a significant contribution to the museum field.

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