About Us

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) is a registered non-profit organisation. Originally established in 1976 as the Federation of Museums, Heritage and Historical Societies, the name was changed to Federation of Nova Scotia Heritage in 1982. In 2007, to underscore the organisation’s refined focus on the province’s museum sector, the organisation assumed its current name – the Association of Nova Scotia Museums.

Our Mandate

Working in partnership with museums, communities and supporters, ANSM’s mandate is to:

  • Support professional best practices in Nova Scotia’s museums;
  • Educate Nova Scotians about the value of museums and Nova Scotian stories;
  • Act as a champion on behalf of museums in Nova Scotia;
  • Engage in activities with provincial, national and international partners that further ANSM’s aims and benefit the museum sector as a whole.

Our Mission

To nurture excellence in and champion on behalf of museums in Nova Scotia.

Our Values

The following values underpin what ANSM does and how we work:

  • Service
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability


The Association of Nova Scotia Museums is led by its Board of Directors. This governance body is comprised of members elected by the ANSM membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is accountable to the membership and is collectively responsible for the governance of the Association. It is responsible for shaping organisational policy and ensuring its implementation.


Staff implement the Association’s commitment to serve its members through training, outreach, and networking activities. They attend regional meetings, events, exhibitions and programs, meetings and planning sessions. They provide programs and services around the province including site visits, consultations and workshops.


ANSM Executive Director, Devin Casario, maintains an active role meeting with senior government staff regarding museum related issues on a regular basis. He and Board members meet with government leaders to address topics related to ANSM’s activities as well as those of its member organizations.